What is Best Bargain about?


Established in 2012, our goal and objective is to become Singapore great sales' #1 online shopping platform by end of the year with a dynamic website and mobile phone application platform.


Best Bargain Global offers you the opportunity to reach millions of customers, immediately increase your sales and market your brand. As Best Bargain Global expands across SEA including Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand we offer you the opportunity to partner with us and penetrate new exciting markets beyond Singapore. Great sales await!


No cost to use our various services. Best Bargain charges only a small commission on actual sales which is lower than that of our competitors. As such you have nothing to lose and are risk free. It's extremely easy to get up and running with the service. Why Not?


We are planning an aggressive mass marketing strategy which will enable Best Bargain to reach a significant audience by the end of October 2012. One of these initiatives is to launch a MRT advertising campaign across all main lines in Singapore as well as i-viewer advertisements in every MRT station until end of the year. It is the perfect time for our merchants to ride this wave with us and advertise your Company free of charge.


1) We are different from other platforms in that Best Bargain Global has a unique website interface and mobile application compared to other service providers for Singapore great sales.
2) With cutting edge food, lifestyle, entertainment, shopping, travel and education categories we cater to a diverse demographic and target audience.
3) Co-operation with the Union pay gateway which target approximately close to 1.5 million of Mainland Chinese tourists and students in Singapore who have significant buying power.
4) Partner with the biggest Chinese Social Media platforms Sina Weibo which enables the customers to have ultimate shopping experiences during shopping with us.

Join Us

Check us out on Facebook, Twitter and Weibo and follow @BestBargain. If you are interested to feature your business and start acquiring new customers please email us at: sales@bestbargain.com.sg . If you require any further information or clarification please don't hesitate to contact us. Also, we'll be happy to meet you in person, at your convenience, to discuss further.


Best Bargain Global Pte Ltd
74 South Bridge Road,
Wong Shee Fun Building,#02-01 S(058704)
Website :www.bestbargain.com.sg